If It's Made From Metal, We Can Make It!
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Bunbury Western Australia

Services we offer

General Fabrication
  • Sheet metal general fabrication

  • Building and shed flashings

  • Dust extraction duct work

  • Tank fabrication & repairs

  • Specialised Toolboxes

    Structural Steel

  • Industrial and mining equipment

  • Platforms, ladders & walkways

  • Conveyors and special stainless steel conveyors

  • Pipe work

  • Augers

  • Tank work

  • Industrial sized duct work

    Specialised Equipment

  • Stainless steel fabrication

  • Aluminium fabrication

  • Abattoir Equipment

  • Specialised welding

  • Commercial kitchen equipment

  • Welding Services

  • MIG

  • TIG

  • ARC

  • Flux core


BVA Metal Fabrications has been able to offer the industrial, service industry and the general community its services for over 25 years now.


We are quite diversified in what our business can fabricate; our machinery is up to date and regularly serviced to prevent delays in manufacture. Our Tradesmen are fully qualified. We also have an extensive Apprentice training program.

Our aim is to provide our clientele with a good product. Our in house quality control check system eliminates sending products out that are incorrect and may not be up to our professional standards.


We value our customers and are open to their suggestions in the fabricating process and we are happy to offer advice as to the best way of manufacturing the product they require, saving them both time and money. We are honest and will not let our clients believe we can do something if we know we can’t. We will however, if we know of someone, suggest another service that may be of assistance.

Photos of some of our Machinery

  • Profile Plasma Cutter
    Profile Plasma Cutter
  • 500 Tonne Press Brake
    500 Tonne Press Brake
  • 4m x 6mm Guillotine
    4m x 6mm Guillotine
  • 3m x 6mm Guillotine
    3m x 6mm Guillotine
Profile Plasma Cutter
Profile Plasma Cutter

BVA work together with CCI to provide our staff with relevant traineeships and apprenticeships making sure all staff are well trained and fully qualified.

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